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( up date the schedule here เวอร์ชั่นภาษาไทย อัพเดทที่ http://filmfestival.payap.ac.th/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Lifescapes-Program-Schedule-Eng-Thai.pdf )

All scheduled film screenings, panel discussions, and presentations will be held at Payap University, Mae Khao Campus (behind Carrefour) in the Sirindhorn Learning Resource Center.

Codes for each room:
BA Dr. Boontong Auditorium
KN Kaew Nettayotin Room
PT Pipat Trangratapit Room
SC Singtoh Changtrakul Room
WK Weera Kitjathorn Room

Some times are subject to change based on speaker availability. Please check the website
(http://filmfestival.payap.ac.th) for updated information.

Asterisk (*) indicates awaiting speaker confirmation.

All film screenings and presentations held at Payap University are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Tickets for UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES (screened on Sun. 6 February at 7pm) must be purchased in advance. The venue will be at Major Cineplex Airport Plaza, Cinema 7.

Day 1 Thurs 3 February
1700-1800 Opening Ceremony
1800-2100 AGRARIAN UTOPIA(สวรรค์ บ้านนา), Uruphong Raksasad
[Thailand, 120 min]
Thai, English subtitles, BA
Followed by Q&A with director,
Uruphong Raksasad

2100 ~

Opening Night After Party @ MuMu Gallery, Nimanhaemin Rd, Soi 7 opposite Blar Blar Blar and Wera Lab Ped

Day 2 Fri. 4 February

1000-1100 Music and Film with Thorsten Wollmann
Presentation, SC

1100-1145 BURMA IN PIECES, Arun Sharma [Burma/Myanmar, 45 min]
Burmese, English subtitles, WK

1145-1230 LOVE MAN LOVE WOMAN, Thi Trinh Nguyen
[Vietnam, 50 min]
Vietnamese, English subtitles, PT
1200-1300 lunch break
1300-1415 Purpose of Film: Beauty, Entertainment, and a Social Conscience? Panel Discussion, SC
-Gridthiya Gaweewong, Jim Thompson Art Center
-Uruphong Raksasad, Director, Agrarian Utopia
-Detlev F. Neufert, German Thai Media Association
Moderator: Sutthirat Suppaparinya

1430-1615 IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BRIDGE, Karin Dürr and Carolin Röckelein [Burma/Myanmar, 60 min]
Burmese, English, PT Followed by discussion with Ashin Sophaka

1630-1730 THE WANDERERS, Christine Bouteiller[Cambodia, 58 min] Khmer, English subtitles, PT
1730-1830 dinner break
1830-1900 4 SHORTS FROM THE FACTORIES [Cambodia, 4 x 8 min] Khmer, English subtitles, PT

1900-2115 KON JON POO YING YAI (คนจนผู้ยิ่งใหญ่) [Thailand, 90 min] Thai, English subtitles, KN
Followed by Q&A with director, Sueb Boonsong Nakphoo

Day 3 Sat. 5 February

[Burma/Myanmar,83 min] English, PT
Followed by discussion with the Democratic Voice of Burma*

1000- 1300 LENDING LENSES shorts made possible by training organizations in SE Asia, WK

META House
Yangon Film School
Rung Uan
1200- 1230 ACROSS THE SEA OF DUST, Tiffany Chung [Vietnam,23 min] Vietnamese, English subtitles, PT
1230- 1300 CHRONICLE OF A TAPE RECORDED OVER , Nguyen Trinh Thi [Vietnam, 28 min] Vietnamese, English Subtitles, PT
1200-1300 lunch break
1300-1415 Lending Lenses: Building Skill and Capability In SE Asia
Panel Presentation, SC 

-Wai Mar, Director, My Positive Life, Yangon Film
- Nico Mesterharm, Founder, Meta House
- Ponsak Sukongkarattanakul, Rung Uan

-Neang Kavich, director, SMOT,Meta House
-Katrin Sohns, Goethe Institute, Jakata
-Moderator: Dr. Kyle Latinis

1430-1545 Bleeps, Blurs, and Bans - Film Censorship in Southeast Asia
Panel Presentation, SC

Moderator: Sirote Klampaiboon PhD. Political Theory from University of Hawaii and a lecturer in politics and human rights at Mahidol University and Thammasat University
-Tanwarin Sukhaphisit, Director, Insects in the Backyard
-Amporn Jirattikorn, Dept of Social Sciences & Development, CMU

-Bradley Cox, director , WHO KILLED CHEA VICHEA?
1600-1730 WHO KILLED CHEA VICHEA?, Bradley Cox [Cambodia, 55 min] Khmer, Thai subtitles, KN
1730-1830 dinner break
1830-2115 ONLY LOVE, Anousone Sirisackda [Lao, 126 min] Lao, English subtitles, KN
Followed by Q&A with director, Anousone Srisackda*

2130 ~
After Party @ Sangdee Gallery, Sirimangkalajarn Soi 5

Day 4 Sun. 6 February

1000-1200 THIS PRISON WHERE I LIVE, Rex Bloomstein [Burma/ Myanmar, 90 min] Burmese, English, German, KN
Followed by Q&A with line producer, Justin Temple
1200-1300 lunch break
1200-1230 THE FLOATING TOMATOES, Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi [Burma/Myanmar, 30 min] Burmese, English subtitles, WK
1230-1300 Hanoi DOCLAB Shorts [Vietnam, 30 min]
1300-1415 PEOPLE LIVING WITH STORIES, Paul Zetter [Vietnam, 33 min] Vietnamese, English subtitles, KN
Followed by Q&A with Ian Bromage
1430-1545 THE MOST SECRET PLACE ON EARTH, Marc Eberle [Lao, 77 min] English, PT
1600-1900 dinner break & travel time
1900-2100 UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES (ลุงบุญมีระลึกชาติ), Apichatpong Weerasethakul [Thailand, 120 min] Thai, English subtitles, Major Cineplex Chiangmai 4th Fl., Central Plaza Chiangmai Airport

2100 ~ Closing Night After Party@ The 2nd Floor Gallery & Café, Ratwithi & Ratchapakinai intersection (above Kodak Store)
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