Saturday, December 29, 2007

PostHeaderIcon VASAN's ARTIST PARTY is in TIME now

I couldn't get it in the market. That's because it's a fake one, haha.. anyway, with a big cheer to the artist party!
Sunday, December 02, 2007
Moving with Container Art from Harbor to Harbors.

"bu dong zhongwen. Wo shi Tai guo ren!"

Throughout all my trip from Chiang Mai International airport to the container site in Kaohsiung Museum of Arts (, I repeated this sentence over and over when Taiwanese tried to talk to me in Chinese. Obviously, my face looks Chinese or Japanese.
People often get confused about where I come from when I travel abroad. It always takes a bit longer than normal at the immigration checkpoint, when officers look at my Thai passport and my face more than twice. This is why my students in Chiang Mai call me in Thai "Moi Inter" meaning international Chinese girl.

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