Wednesday, August 22, 2007

PostHeaderIcon away again

away again
arrive Budapest with warm weather and the morning...
evening time...I went to town.. was hard rain..and a bit cold..
I went back to hostel, chat with people there and had a long sleep..
oh.. felt too tired.. but excited..
Thursday, August 02, 2007

PostHeaderIcon a long long night..

a long long night..
last night I was so tried.. but still going out with a close friend "Mah".
We went to the place we always end up to be.. the riverside..
we met lot of friends by chance -- they handed me glass of wonderful orange juice mixed with some rum and a sad story of another friend... that made me drank all night .. till now..
swimming in the weird dream..
the sad story keep turning around my head...

PostHeaderIcon Mind mapping (of visitor)

a thing from bangkok...
mind mapping (of visitors)

yeah! I get the Hungarian Visa!
I felt so strange with this trip-- I'm happy my agenda had done... but be really sad in some story... my "mind mapping" was so weird...and make me so tried until now...

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