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โลกแห่งกาย โลกแห่งใจ โลกใหม่ ใบเดิม
The land foundation Chiang Mai will organize a month forum each Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 4-6, 11-13, 18-20, 25-27, 2008
the forum is open for everyone who interested to
Session 1 Theme: Arts of applying Dharma in Contemporary Society
Dr. Pramuan Peng Chan, Kamin Lerchiasipert, Ajarn Sulak Siwahlak, Ajarn Siripron Kankulsultorn
Session 2 Theme: Rural life and Globalization
Salunee Anchawatnatakool, Phor Kamdueang Pahsri, Dr. Sun Suwatjanarapinan, Dr. Pandit Janrodtjanakit, Kanjorn Jiamram, Pati Jorni Odochow, Ajarn Chatchawan Boonpan
Sesion 3 theme: Art and Culture and Media in daily life
Kam pa ga, Ajarn Tasnai Settaseri, Nattagan Limsathaporn, Ajarn Weerahpan Janhom, Thanapol Eusakul, Chuwat Lulgsirisook, Ajarn Utit Atimana
Session 4 Theme: How Thai Art be so-called Contemporary?
Gridthiya Gaweewong, Pratan Tiratada, Dr.Rachapon Choochuey, Prabda Yun, Assitant Professor Taneet Wongyanawa, Ajarn Ark Fongsamut, Ajarn Lampat Godgaew, Dr. Witee Panichapan, Ajarn Chachawan Tongdeelert, Dr. Pensupa Sookkata Jaiin, Dr. Apinnan Posayanun, Ajarn Tanom Chapakdee, Aroon Puritat, Aprichatpong Weelahsetakul
I will encourage my students to come too but for myself.. will show up only for the last session... well, chatting on art with professional either have fun then fight with them, isn't it? ohhh democracy era...

more info pls follow the land foundation link
Tuesday, June 03, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Lifeboat #2551 at Gallery 4A

Sydney Biennalle Parallel Exhibitions

exhibition Contemporary Art Media From: Phuttipong Aroonpheng/Tin Tin Cooper/Sittsak Jiampojaman/Preeyachanok Ketsuwan/Momokomotion/Olarn Netsiri/Jakrawan Niltumrong/Sakarin Kru-on/Wit Pimpakul/Sathit Satarasart/Pramot Sengson/Michael Shaowanasai/Suchada Sirithanawuddhi/Manit Sriwanichpoon/Sutthirat Supaparinya

Curated Michael Shaowanasai
Stuck together in a small vessel, Thai media artists must work together to stay afloat. At the same time they are also trying to out-live one another. While lost at sea, they are waving and screaming in order to get any kind of attention hoping to be rescued. Some of them are fortunate and have been ‘scooped up’ by a passing European liner. The rest of them can only watch and hold on to what they have – their talent, their pride and their hopes.” Michael Shaowanasai
Lifeboat #2551 is curated by one of Thailand’s key contemporary artists, Michael Shaowanasai. It brings together a cross generational mix of media artists from Thailand.
Join Michael Shaowanasai for a Roundtable discussion (Saturday 14 June, 2pm) and Curator's Talk (Saturday 21 June, 2pm) as Lifeboat #2551 docks in Sydney.
FLOORTALKS featuring Michael Shaowanasai, Vipoo Srivilasa and Vienna Parreño on Saturday 21 June, 2pm
ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION Saturday 14 June, 2pm featuring Michael Shaowanasai, Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Khaled Sabsabi, Aaron Seeto. Chaired by Dr Thomas Berghuis. On Saturday 14 June, 2pm
more information on my video works pls follow this links

Image: Momokomotion, still image from Toy, 2008. Courtesy the artist

PostHeaderIcon Ecosystems in Genova!

Ecosystems in Genova!

In co-production with the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, ContainerArt presents Ecosystems. Art, nature and spirit in containers from all over the world. 23 Containers spread around Genova. Open from May 29 to June 8. Presentation cocktail at Palazzo Ducale on the 27th of May at 18.30

“Tree of Life” (L’albero della vita)

news from
Light Team:
Sutthirat Supaparinya (Thailand),
Chakkrit Chimnok (Thailand), Chatchai Suban (Thailand)

Pittura ad olio, fogli riflettenti.
Imitare l’ambiente “verde” degli alberi tailandesi e riempire di vita la creazione umana che chiamiamo “container”.
Le verdi immagini degli alberi tailandesi possono essere ammirate anche di giorno, ma specialmente di notte, quando il pubblico può usare la luce delle candele per illuminare l’immagine verde. Dato che le immagini sono create da fogli riflettenti, splenderanno nell’oscurità notturna della zona in cui è esposto il container.
Per usare la luce delle candele di giorno, il pubblico può entrare all’interno del container.
Location: Corso Italia (Ge)

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