Thursday, July 07, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Book Project on Asian Women Artists: need your participation!

Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale has sought to build networks of women artists, curators, museum personnel, academics and other intellectuals from all corners of the world. This year IWAB expands its boundaries to a book project, and requests that you send responses to the following question. All the replies will be published in a book entitled Experiences: Asian Women in Global Culture to be published in October, 2011. Please send 300-800 words in English to the project manager/editor at The deadline for the submission is September 15, 2011. All the participants will receive a copy of the book (and e-book) in return. For more information on this book project and IWAB exhibitions, please visit


Cultural theorists have discussed the status of Asian women in a globalized world, as victims or as the under represented in the globalization process. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak emphasizes the importance of women‘s roles in an abusive global world while Arjun Appadurai focuses on Asian women being voluntarily and involuntarily traded within the globalization process. Most of these arguments evolve around the context of the victims or the unprivileged woman.
IWAB is soliciting your stories or experiences with or as Asian women living in Asia or anywhere in the
world. We believe that there are multiple aspects to the rapidly changing Asian women’s lives, from women being empowered, entitled to women being ignored. IWAB wishes to collect your narratives as a woman/artist/professional/student, and to share them with audiences throughout the world hoping to create a better understanding for the women of the world.


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