Sunday, September 16, 2007

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Information for travelers or artists to participate the contemporary arts symposium in Carei, Romania through Budapest, Hungary
-Very cheap and nice place to stay (convenience for young people)
Backpacker Guest house
-exchange money from euro to HUF is around
1 Euro=230HUF
To exchange at the airport they rate is butter but they you need to pay the service charge.
In the city, there are differences rate and no service charge.. The best rate I saw is around the fashion street “Vaci u.” around Deakter area.
-Local transportation
Buy a pack of tickets one time. Each ticket is 230 HUF.
One ticket is for one transportation. If you change transportation you must use a new ticket.
- domestic and international train
Please look here..
For international rough the website didn’t provide price information!
Please ask at the train station. The line at the train station is really long and you need to wait… for a while… so spare time for…
To go to Carei, you must go to Keleti Station or the West station.
Direct train to Carei cost around 9,900 HUF or 43 Euros. (Around 5-6 hours)
To pay this you need to pay in HUF only.
Another good transport is mini bus from Carei to Budapest. They can drive to train station, airport or anywhere in town for you! And the cost is 23 Euro or 70 Ro. Romania also can pay in HUF
Va ofera
- Curse Zilnice la Budapesta
- Bilete de avion cu transfer la aeroport
Satu Mare
Str. I.C. Bratianu Nr. 14
Tel.: 0261-711005; Mob: 0744 610 682
Tel/Fax: 0361-805800
Str. 1 Dec. 1918 nr.16
(linga restaurantul Bucuresti)
Tel. 0361-805801
Time- Ore De:
Sighetu M. 19.30
Baia Mare 21.15/06.00
Negresti-Oas 21.15/06.45
Satu Mare 22.30/08.00
Carei 23.15/06.30

(Autogara Budapesta)
*In zilele de Sambata: 18.00
** GARA means train station
Tel. (Hungary) 0036(06)-302964332; 0036 (06) -30594080
Duration for the trip Budapest- Carei 4-5 hours
Hungarian National day:: August 20
firework on the Danube river at night (9pm.)
road close and people gathering in the city and along the river..
I arrived Budapest exactly that day.. good luck I was there in the day time.. and night time walk around in the city..

Summer time there, hard rain and storm.. Be careful
view my photo album here:
east west artists 2007



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