Sunday, July 08, 2007

PostHeaderIcon A trip to ancient city, Sukhothai with Payap Uni

A trip to ancient city, Sukhothai with Payap Uni

Besides the beautiful ancient temples and Buddha images in Sukhothai, like a retreat trip for me this time, the trip... gave me a chance to escape from my buzzzy time in Chiang Mai..

Chatting with guest house owner there, a bit in Italian... Stayed in the darkness and quite location... Chilled me out and lying near the pool... looked at thousand stars..Being in the historical park... with lot of ponds and big three..
..thanks for the trip that introduced me to nice and new friends from other Uni.. near by Sukhothai, Narasaun University..

It's really "SUKHO THAI- Dawn of Happiness" city for me ;-)
I'm ready to work again tomorrow!


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